A Christian School, as opposed to a public school, comes with a complete package of enriching both, the mind and the soul, allowing a completely new perspective on faith, life and personal growth.

The Classical Christian Education model implements more than the study of religion while integrating God’s word into every aspect of learning to equip children to become strong Christian leaders who are prepared for both the worldly and the afterlife. Their virtues and reason are shaped to align with God’s ideal by cultivating a habit of viewing the world with certain foundational truths.

It aims to not only provide children with answers to the When, What, Why, and How of the Bible and its necessity in modern times to understand God and His character, but it also teaches how to study and interpret the Bible accurately. Studying the Bible gives students a proper understanding of sins and their consequences, which is the foundation for building a strong moral compass and leads to outstanding character development.

It also provides children with a proper understanding of the person, the Deity and sovereign Lordship of Jesus Christ, and subjects like History and Science are taught as His workmanship and base on this one prime truth.

The distinctive method of Classical Christian schools is that they’re based on the tradition of Trivium, which aims to develop clear thinking and high proficiency in the spoken and written language. A good command of language leads to a greater understanding of God’s word and fellow men. This method inspires wisdom and depth in young minds.

A Classical Christian Education has proven to be an extremely effective preparation for college, and it’s time to reconsider education.