Christian Education aims to enrich students both, academically and spiritually, and offers a new outlook on the purpose of life and formation of character.

The tradition of Trivium, which is the base of Classical Christian Schools and is a natural pattern followed by anyone who is in the process of learning, works to develop the child’s grammar, logic, and rhetoric through grades K-5, 6-8 and 9-12 respectively. This guarantees that children develop the ability to memorize facts, analyze information, think abstractly and are able to express their thoughts proficiently.

This in turn, also helps them progress spiritually as it leads to a greater capability of understanding God’s word and the universe. Theological reflection is applied to all the aspects of curriculum and life to inspire wisdom and complexity. The study of the Bible and its importance, sins and their consequences, God and His Character, Jesus Christ, his Supreme Lordship and his role as the Teacher, Servant, and the Savior nurtures the soul and aids in forming a stronger moral compass and character. Students’ ideas, virtues and reasons are shaped to harmonize with God’s word and the Christian worldview.

Besides spiritual growth, students also get to develop an aesthetic sensibility and an appreciation for beauty so they can value the magnificence of God’s creation, as they are regularly exposed to great classical music and art.

A well-developed mind, body and soul make sure that these young minds evolve into strong Christian leaders and that the future of the generation is in safe hands.