At Cary Christian School, our mission is to provide an excellent classical education founded upon a biblical worldview. All subjects are taught as part of an integrated whole, with the Scriptures at the center, serving as the hub of all knowledge. As a result, students learn to interrelate and examine knowledge, allowing them to view their studies as a unified effort. The focus of this effort is to see God's sovereignty over all and to glorify Him.

Classical Education is a time-proven approach to teaching that structures learning according to the God-given stages of child development. This enables students to gain knowledge, understanding, and wisdom at an age when subjects are most easily mastered. At Cary Christian School, curriculum is taught in a three-part educational process termed "The Trivium," and each phase is dependent on the others. For more information, go to the Academics section of our website.

The Results

Cary Christian School has adopted a proven model of education that really works. A good measurement of educational success is student performance on the annual Stanford Achievement Test. The school regularly scores in the top 15 percent of students nationwide.

Accreditation with the Association of Classical and Christian Schools

ACCS is an association of Christian schools designed to serve the needs of new or established schools who are seeking to return to the educational heritage of the West. Neither reactionary nor progressive, it seeks a return to our cultural roots so that we may resume the process of cultural growth, as God gives the increase.

Requirements for all member schools:

  1. A representative of the school must subscribe to the first two chapters of the Westminster Confession of Faith.
  2. The school must be in basic agreement with the vision for education as set out in Recovering the Lost Tools of Learning.
  3. The school must be current in its membership dues.

Cary Christian School is a fully accredited member of ACCS. The first annual ACCS conference was held in and hosted by Logos School in June 1993. These conferences have continued yearly at various locations. The growth of interest in this education created a demand for more practical training of staff members in classical Christian schools. Logos School responded by conducting and hosting week long, summer training sessions, taught by Logos teachers and administrators. Since 1995, hundreds of other teachers and administrators have traveled from all corners of the United States to attend these training sessions. (CCS attended the Logos training for two years.) We marvel at and are humbled by God blessing Logos School with this kind of leadership in classical Christian education. We too are blessed by all they have done.