It is AP Exam Ordering Time!

If you wish to take an AP exam(s) in May, please fill out the order form at the bottom of this page and return it with your payment of 93$ per exam to Ms. Kiefer by Wednesday, March 1st, 2017


Why should I consider taking AP exams?*

Passing an AP exam could get you college level credit after your graduate. For example, scoring a 3 or 4 on the European History exam gets you 3 hours of history credit at NC State. Score a 5 and you get 6 hours! Each college will have its own criteria. The best source of what each college requires is the College Board’s Big Future search engine. Once you pull up a school’s profile, click on “Applying” and then click on the “AP” tab.

Additionally, scoring a 3 or above on an AP exam could improve your weighted GPA. Cary Christian awards an additional GPA point to classes in which some of the curriculum matches with the AP test content.

*Please note, students in the AP Biology, AP Calculus, and AP Physics classes are required to take the corresponding AP Exam. The fee for these exams is already included in the course fee, and students do not need to turn in an order form unless they would like to take other exams.


Which AP exams should I take?

Take AP exams corresponding to classes and subject matter in which you are strong. Speak to your teachers regarding the exam and your ability to pass. Do not waste your time and money taking a test without preparation.


If I don’t pass an AP exam, will colleges see my score?

No. Only passing scores of 3 or above will be put on your transcript, and you can choose to withhold one or more scores in your College Board score report.


Will I have another chance to take AP exams?

AP exams are offered every May. You can take an exam more than once, but only in May each year. Your last chance to take AP exams will be in May of your senior year.


Should I prepare for my AP exam?

Definitely. While your coursework has prepared you for some parts of your AP exams, it is recommended that you review and examine the exact content of each AP test you plan to take. Visit the College Board website and download AP course descriptions. Get an AP test prep booklet from your library or bookstore. Study with a friend.


What classes will receive advanced weight should I pass my AP test?

Students who pass an AP exam with a score of 3 or better will receive advanced weighted credit in a corresponding class.


  AP Exam                                                         

Corresponding Class    

English Literature & Composition European Literature
English Language & Composition Medieval Literature
Biology Environmental Biology
Chemistry Chemistry
Calculus AB or BC Calculus
Physics 1 Physics
US History and Government US History
US Government and Politics US History**
World History Classical History or Medieval History
Statistics Statistics
European History European History

** Students cannot receive extra weighting for passing both the US History and US Government exams.

To register, download this 2017 AP Exam Registration Form and turn it in with payment to Ms. Kiefer’s office by March 1st!