His Mercy is for Those Who Fear Him From Generation to Generation - Luke 1:50

Lisa Hollowell and Jennifer Robinson, the mothers of two current CCS Cross Country athletes, met 31 years ago in Fairfax, Virginia. They went to school together, played soccer together (Jennifer’s dad, Bill Bryson, was their soccer coach) and were in Girl Scouts together (Lisa’s and Jennifer’s moms, Marsha Norris and Phyllis Bryson, were their scout leaders). This year, Tabitha Hollowell and Bryce Robinson met at Cross Country practice and became running partners, not knowing of their long-time family ties. What a lovely surprise for their moms (and grandmothers) when Lisa and Jennifer reconnected at track practice.

Phyllis and Bill’s love of the Raleigh area was instrumental in bringing the Norrises here eleven years ago. Along with them came their daughter Lisa, and a few months later their son, Patrick Halbrook, a CCS Rhetoric teacher, and his wife, Kaylie. If the name Hollowell sounds slightly familiar, Tabitha’s dad is Frank Hollowell, CCS Logic Principal. Jennifer Robinson’s name may also be familiar as she’s a member of the Cary Town Council. And let’s not forget Teena Armstrong, CCS grammar principal, who met Patrick Halbrook at church shortly after he moved to the area and invited him to tour CCS and check out a possible teaching position. Small world!

The grandmothers, who also live in the area, have met periodically for lunch over the past ten years and try to keep up with each others’ grandchildren. A total of 27 (we think). Or is it 28, since the Halbrooks just sneaked another one in last month?

The Hollowells have one child at CCS, the Robinsons have two, and the Halbrooks have two.

It is amazing how God weaves others into, out of, and back into our lives…all for His purpose and glory.