Classical Christian Education

Classical Christian education is an approach to learning which emphasizes biblical teachings and incorporates a teaching model known as the Trivium, which consists of the three stages of grammar, logic, and rhetoric.

Classical education complements a child’s natural development stages. Young children can memorize information easily. So, in the early years, we incorporate songs, body movement, recitation, and exploration to enhance learning. This sets them up for success in their next stage of learning.

In middle school, students tend to ask “why” as they grow in their critical thinking skills. You may have noticed how they love to debate! So, we cut with the grain of the student and introduce formal logic giving them lots of opportunity to practice this skill in all other subjects.

Once a student reaches high school, he becomes more self-aware and considers how others perceive him. It is now time for teaching rhetoric, the art of presenting ideas, and to cultivate wisdom in the student. The young adult is now capable of using this broad foundation of knowledge to carefully consider the moral implications of his actions upon the world around him.

In short, classical Christian education leads all students toward extraordinary outcomes. We graduate students who know how to think for themselves, are confident, articulate and defend their ideas and beliefs winsomely, and engage in the world around them with respect and responsibility.

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