Mrs. Darla McDonald serves as Lead Teacher in the Rhetoric School and also as an instructor in the CCS Rhetoric School science department. She currently teaches AP Physics I and Honors Physics. Mrs. McDonald holds a B.S. in Biology (Pre-Med concentration) from the University of Maryland, College Park, an M.Ed. in Science Education from North Carolina State University, and a Master’s Certification from ACCS. She has served on the faculty of Cary Christian for the past ten years and has a total of thirteen years of experience teaching in classical Christian schools. In addition to her teaching role at CCS, Mrs. McDonald also coaches the varsity field hockey team. She and her husband, Tim, have four children, all of whom are students at CCS. More Articles by Darla McDonald >>

Are You Raising Sturdy Children?

Recently, I attended a workshop at the national conference of the Association of Classical Christian Schools entitled “Raising Sturdy Children.” The name of the workshop intrigued me, and the speaker, Keith McCurdy, did not disappoint. His workshop inspired me so …
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Is Your Child an Excellent Student?

Is your child an excellent student? How did you answer that question? If you’re like most, your mind immediately evaluated your children’s report card grades and arrived at a response. You probably answered in the affirmative if your child receives …
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Do A’s Matter?

I’ll admit it, I’m a perfectionist. I enjoy the thrill of seeing that “A” on the top of any assignment I have submitted or assessment I have completed. And there’s this feeling of sadness that accompanies letter grades less than …
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