The CCS community has an exciting opportunity this year!  We are seeking ways to collaborate and encourage the work of the Oak City Academy (OCA), a classical Christian school serving the urban and inner city community of Raleigh. Mr. Cook and Mr. Soderberg have met with Danny Breed, the Headmaster of OCA, and have discussed how the schools might encourage each other and share our gifts, as we work together to repair the educational and cultural ruins right here in our local communities.

From OCA’s website: “Oak City Academy is a Christian Classical School that serves the urban children of Raleigh with an excellent and largely subsidized education. OCA strives to collaborate with the community to provide a successful education for all children.” Their mission is: “To create a community of justice through an academically-rigorous, Christ-saturated education so that the students might bring about change in their local and global communities for the glory of God.”

OCA is seeking to provide an excellent, classical Christian education, in the context of the inner-city. We have opportunities to pray for them and invest in their work. We hope to build a long-term relationship, where we share the gifts God has given us, and enjoy meaningful relationships with the students and staff at OCA. We expect to learn as much from them, if not more, than they learn from us. As we donate our resources to them, we fully expect to receive intangible benefits that we might not even understand right now. This is how God designed the world: “it is more blessed to give than to receive” (Acts 20:35).

Our first opportunity to serve will be on October 7. This is the first week of CCS’s Fall Break, and OCA will still be in session. CCS high school students are already signing up to go to OCA to enjoy a lunch, teach a Bible lesson, and play various sports with the kids.

We will be sharing news and more opportunies in the CCS & OCA Together Facebook Group. Please join!

OCA sends out weekly prayer updates, and we will make those available as well.


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