The Fine Arts at CCS

All art—whether painting, dancing, music, drama, or literature—is a gift of God. God, who created all things, gives us our aesthetic standard for what is true, good and beautiful. At Cary Christian School we are working to reclaim the arts for Christ and resurrect their true purpose, which is to illuminate God’s truth. The art we make reflects what we believe about the Triune God. When God created all things He gave us a paint box of many tools, including joy, laughter, comedy, sorrow, pain, tragedy, light, and dark. Here at CCS we use the gifts and tools that He has given to us in order to explore His creation, His character, His story.

All students, K-12, at Cary Christian School have opportunities to participate in fine arts programs, either through regularly scheduled classes or electives.

The arts are a vibrant and rich expression of God’s creation in all of its joy, sorrow, dark, light, tragedy, and comedy. CCS students may study music (band, chorus, music appreciation), theater (acting, directing, production), visual arts (drawing, painting, printing, photography, graphic design), creative writing, and film.

Band students regularly audition for, and perform with, regional and state orchestra and bands. The band classes hold two concerts a year, both in the Logic and Rhetoric schools. Almost half of the upper school performs with the Concert Choirs and a select group of students tour and perform with the Chamber Choir. Past tours have included trips to Washington, New York, and New Orleans. Both Logic and Rhetoric school choirs hold two full concerts a year.

Visual Arts students send art pieces into the community for competition and display and compete for the ACCS Blakey Prize for Fine Arts, a nationwide competition.

Theater students put on two productions a year. Past productions have included works by Brontë, Austen, Wilde, Wodehouse, and Shakespeare. Both Logic and Rhetoric schools participate in the North Carolina Theatre Conference Festival with student written and directed one-act plays. Students have had the opportunity to travel to London where they visited Shakespeare’s birthplace and participated in acting workshops and performances at the Globe Theatre.

Arts students have participated in regional, state, and national arts competitions and have won multiple awards in every discipline. Each year culminates in the CCS Festival of the Arts, which features an art show and sale, and performances in music and theater by students and alumni.

CCS arts alumni have gone on to have successful careers in film (acting, writing, directing), costume and fashion design, writing and publishing, theater (writing, acting, directing), and music (composition and performance).

Volunteer Opportunities

  • Chaperones for chorus trips, NCTC drama competitions
  • Sewing
  • Set construction/painting
  • Concessions for shows (food donations and help)
  • Booster Club for the Arts (we don’t have one!)
  • Volunteers for K-5 Art Day

Fine Arts Fund

Opportunities for our students to be enriched in the areas of drama, choral and instrument performance, and art are vital to a well-rounded education.  Your gifts in this area will assure that these experiences will be available and that they will be of the highest quality.

Fine Arts News

November 4, 2018
Drama Students Compete at NCTC

The NCTC High School Play Festival consisted of over 3,000 students and 118 shows over 2 weekends at various sites across the State. Amidst a plethora of exceptionally fine work presented at Weaver Academy in Greensboro this weekend, the two shows presented by our Cary Christian School Drama students received the following awards: Excellence in Student Direction to Juliann Self; Excellence in Student Direction to Karissa Hoover and Olivia Winston; Excellence in Pantomime to The Summer People; Excellence in Production Concept to Where Have All the Lightning Bugs Gone? Well done!

June 8, 2018
Student Art Recognized at Artsplosure

Congratulations to 3 fabulous CCS artists. Erin Ward, Sua Cho, and Caroline Jacobsen represented CCS in the annual Artsplosure competition in which only 150 pieces of art were selected to compete in this year’s show out of over 400 entries. A special congratulations to Sua Cho, whose artwork won 3rd prize, including a $50 cash award.

May 10, 2017
Student Art Recognized at Competitions

Elle Towandejsiri, Ethan Miller, Zach Jenson, and Morgan Elizabeth Carriker represented CCS in the Fine Arts League of Cary Art Show at Meredith College. Ellie won 2nd place overall in the art show.

April 25, 2016
CCS Students Will Compete in Art Shows
CCS will be represented by Kellie Sims and Julianna Preston in the Blakey Prize in Fine Art hosted by the ACCS. The following students will represent CCS in the Fine Arts League of Cary Teen Art Show held at Meredith College: Kellie Sims, Ellie Towandejsiri, Ethan Miller, and Julianna Preston.

Nov. 7, 2015
CCS Students Excel at NCTC in 2015

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