An organization does not have to be a church to be a community or fellowship of believers. Many groups come together in the name of the Lord, and in our case, our school convenes each day to honor Him through the education of His children.

In order to be successful, any community of believers must communicate with one another. Think of the early letters of the church which make up the New Testament. Imagine the excitement with which the letters must have been read and shared by these early congregations! These writings have become the foundation of today’s Christian church.

As a school, our community uses meetings to convey information, but there is not often dialogue or discussion of issues uniquely related to classical Christian education among the members of our community. Leaving this important conversation out of our school inhibits our growth and leaves outsiders (and some insiders) in a fog of limited understanding.

Through this blog, we provide a space for conversations about classical Christian education which foster a culture of learning among faculty, students, and parents. It is our hope that we will be able to address a wide variety of topics, from the importance of including Latin in our upper school curriculum to why we teach reading through phonics. As we move forward with this project, we hope that you will be encouraged to join our conversation by commenting or even writing a blog post and submitting it to our editors.