Birthday parties are some of the best parties. Of course, there is the cake and ice cream that makes for a great day. But the thing that makes birthday parties great is the reason you are celebrating. A birthday party celebrates the fact that someone exists. In a birthday party, we remember that there was a day one time when you entered our lives, and that’s a really good thing. Parties celebrate a lot of achievements, happenings, and moments. Birthday parties celebrate people.

On Saturday, August 6, we were able to celebrate all of those things in one big soiree. We celebrated CCS’s 20th birthday, and while we were at it, we celebrated the achievements, happenings, and moments of those 20 years. Founders, past and present teachers, past and present students, and past, present, and future families gathered on the grounds to eat good food, play fun games, hear great music, and remember God’s faithfulness from generation to generation!

Familiar faces with different hairstyles (or less hair altogether) looked back to wide-eyed days of calling and hope and remembered provision after provision after provision. Families that are the recipients of the robust, rich, broad and deep education that CCS provides saw the broad shoulders upon which they are now standing. We even enjoyed the presence of families whose children are not yet old enough to attend CCS but are waiting expectantly for the day when their three- and four-year-olds will don CCS plaid for their first day of kindergarten.

In the end, the whole day was a sort of Ebenezer stone, a rock of remembrance. Like the Israelites, we were able to stop, reflect, look at the stones around us and the people around us and ask ourselves, “How did we get here?” The answer is, of course, “God did it.” He did it through us, to us, and sometimes in spite of us. But all the while it has been Him. By the end of the night, we lifted our voices together to sing of His Amazing Grace, and then echo the psalmist who said “Not to us, O Lord, not unto us, but to your name give glory.” Ps. 115:1

Happy Birthday, CCS. Here’s to 20 more!