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Welcome from Dean of Students

“As the Dean of Students here at CCS, it’s my privilege to take part in developing student culture at our school. We want to move beyond mere institutional learning to be a community of lifetime learners. We hope to succeed at continually building an encouraging household of love, grace, rigor, and service.”

– Rob Stansberry, Dean of Students

We are so glad that you are interested in our school and community. At Cary Christian School, we seek to be unified from age to age in fulfilling our mission to provide an excellent classical education, founded upon a biblical worldview. As a school community, we want to transcend beyond the mere dispensing of information. Rather, we strive to guide the students in applying knowledge, in wisdom, to live well and free. That is why we are continually developing a deeper, philosophically consistent culture, aligned with our Christian and classical principles.

Distinctives for Cary Christian Culture

  • Biblical mindset of grace and love
  • Family mentality, rather than institutional operation
  • Inter-grade interaction to develop student mentors
  • Discipleship as the ethos for disciplinary culture
  • Individualized attention to teacher/student guidance
  • A Dean of Students to hone in daily on student joy and success
  • A House System in the Upper School to foster vertical unity
  • Hands-on activities and field trips in the Lower School as an exercise of the love of learning

Rob Stansberry
Dean of Students

House System

House System, or originally also called “residential college system,” is a concept borrowed from our European and United Kingdom roots. It was designed for the residential, or boarding schools at colleges and was brought to the United States at schools like Yale and Harvard.

School Clubs

School Clubs offer a great way for students with similar interests to connect together and serve. Whether you’re an athlete, a lover of robotics, want to grow deeper in your faith, or serve our local community, there is a place for you! Check out the many ways students can enrich their experience at Cary Christian School.