Armed Forces Appreciation Club

The purpose of AFA is to educate club members about the US Military and the importance of patriotism. Our second purpose is to give back to our service members. We accomplish our mission by hosting volunteer events, having educational meetings, fundraisers, snack and letter drives, and guest speakers.

Art Club

Art Club encourages students to use their God-given talents to appreciate and create beauty. Our mission is to provide students with an environment of opportunity to explore art outside of art class by participating in various art contests and competitions.

Fellowship of Christian Athletes

FCA is a club that seeks to encourage and support athletics at CCS in their walk with Christ. Our mission is to bring Christian athletes together by having fun while pursuing a relationship with God. Our vision is to positively impact CCS’s culture through the influence, encouragement, and service of Christian athletes.

Film Society

The Film Society exists to teach people to appreciate film making and also to teach them how to create a film. We want to create artistic content that glorifies God through the process of film making. During meetings, we will learn about the process and brainstorm ideas. We will meet occasionally after school to provide hands-on experience in film making.

Habitat for Humanity

Habitat is dedicated to bringing students together to help the community. We want to help people obtain affordable housing in our area. We participate in house building projects and service for the community while also raising awareness for affordable housing and other community needs.

Rhetoric Philosophy Club

In Rhetoric Philosophy Club, we use reasoning skills God gave us to expand on our logical thinking and challenge our minds. Our mission is to create an environment where students can freely discuss their thoughts, by offering and encouraging students to take the AP Psychology exam, and by introducing various thought experiments.

Robotics Club

Students will have the opportunity to learn the basics of RC construction and flying. In January we compete in the FIRST FTC robotics tournament. The club is also intended to be a resource for electronics solutions to other programs at CCS. The club meets on Fridays from 3:45-5:45PM in the Science Lab. There is a $50 fee per semester.

Society of St. George

The purpose of the Society of St. George is to cultivate the unique traits and abilities entrusted to the Christian man. The club wants to harness the natural energy and inclination to cause a positive change in their communities by encouraging young men to call their peers to a higher standard in the classroom and helping them exercise Christian service.

Society of St. Monica

The Society of St. Monica explains to the young women the aspects true of Biblical womanhood as demonstrated through the Holy Scriptures and encourages them to let those characteristics permeate in every aspect of their lives. SSM wants to teach the young women of CCS what being a godly woman looks like by studying God’s word so they can put his will into practice in their daily lives.

Speech and Debate Club

Speech and Debate provides a platform for students to use and improve speaking skills and the faculty to defend and argue well. Our mission is to establish a framework for CCS’s participation in speech and debate competitions. We will be holding mock debates between the central debate team and debate associates.

Students for Environmental Awareness

We are seeking to create a community focused on being good stewards of our environment and resources both locally and globally. We will have regular meetings as an opportunity for education, discussion, and debate of relevant topics, potentially including guest speakers and special events.