To Whom It May Concern
by Kylie Anne Ragsdale, CCS Class of 2018

To Whom it May Concern:

My name is Kylie Anne Ragsdale, and I am from the Cary Christian School class of 2018. I came to Cary Christian in the 8th grade. In high school, I was on the board of the InterACT Club, and I lettered in three varsity sports. My goal in this letter is to give you insight into my life as a Cary Christian School student. You may be from a prospective family, a current family, or perhaps you came across this letter in an endless cycle of internet surfing; but I wanted to say “thank you,” and please, continue reading.

A little background about me: in the 7th grade, I was attending a public school in Holly Springs, NC, and I was doing very well academically, had good friends, and was part of my youth group at my church. I decided I wanted an intellectual change of pace and started looking at private schools in the area with my parents. We had friends that attended Cary Christian, and they encouraged us to look into it. In the summer before 8th grade, my family and I decided to put in an application at Cary Christian. I got accepted! Starting 8th grade was difficult because I didn’t know anybody in my grade. I had never taken an academic Biblical History class. It was tough just being the new girl. My first year was hard, so if you’re looking at CCS as your future home be prepared for some struggle. I say that to give you hope.

Going into High School was so much better! I developed friendships that I will remember forever. I was pushed harder academically than I could’ve imagined, but most of all I grew as a person and a follower of Christ. Fast forward to my Senior year: I had an amazing group of friends and I was finally getting good grades. I was applying to and being accepted at colleges I couldn’t have ever dreamed of going to, and I was being prepared well for my higher education after CCS. These things were all great, but let me tell you the highlight of my CCS career. It was a weekend in the spring of 2018. My friends and I piled into two cars and headed to Myrtle Beach for a girls’ trip. By this time, most of my friend group knew where we would be attending college and what we would be studying, but none of that was on our minds because we were in the moment, sharing that time together. We all had our struggles and dark things in our lives. As we laid in bed and on the floor, we were able to talk about those things and cry together and open up our Bibles and encourage each other. On our way home, it was a Sunday morning so we missed our church service; so, as we drove, we opened up the Scriptures and read and talked about the Bible. Then, we turned on worship music and praised the Lord together. In this moment, grades, school, and my future were irrelevant because I was loving and serving the Lord with my best friends by my side.

This moment with my friends showed me how much Cary Christian developed me as a young woman and as a follower of Christ. Sure, at other schools there are good kids and Christians that you or your child can become friends with. But at Cary Christian I can guarantee that you and your child will make lifelong friends and be able to dive into the Word with them. This instance with my friends is not an abnormal occurrence at Cary Christian, either. There have been countless times when my classmates and I were stressed out about college, homework, etc., and teachers have delayed class to pray with us and just love on us.

So, to whom it may concern: Cary Christian School does not just prepare students well for academic success, but it prepares young men and women for the future of furthering the Gospel. If you are looking at sending your kids to CCS or you’re a parent of a current CCS kid, here is my story and I hope it gives you hope for your child’s future.

Thank You,

Kylie Anne Ragsdale