New Students

Application Fee

New student #1 $200
New student #2 $150
New student #3 $100
New student #4 or more $50

  • Reduced rates apply only when students in one family apply for the same year.

Enrollment Fee

Kindergarten $450
Grades 1-12 $550
I-20 Registration (non-US) $1,250

  • Due two weeks from acceptance letter.

Foreign I-20 Students

Enrollment Fee

I-20 Registration (non-US) $1,250

  • Due two weeks from acceptance letter.

Processing Withdrawal Fee $1,250

  • If foreign visa is denied resulting in withdrawal, this withdrawal fee will be due, but the student will be released from further tuition obligation. Any other fees or tuition paid up to that point are nonrefundable.


Kindergarten (8:15AM-12:15PM) $5,148 ($429/mo.)
Kindergarten Extended Day (8:15AM-2:45PM) $6,693 ($557.75/mo.)
Grades 1-12 $7,563 ($630.25/mo.)

  • Tuition payment schedules run over twelve (12) months from May 10, 2018, through April 10, 2019.

Current Students

Reenrollment Fee $150

  • For new students enrolling mid-year, this fee will be due before January 18, 2019, or at enrollment if after January 18, 2019, in order to reenroll for the next school year.

Late Reenrollment Fee $550

  • This fee applies to students reenrolling after January 18, 2019. Current students to reenroll late will risk losing their seats.
  • Late enrollees are pro-rated on the number of days attending. Tuition balance should be paid in full by April 10, 2019.

Reenrollment Termination Penalty $600

  • This fee applies when a student withdraws for the next year between March 1 and April 30.

Withdrawal Fees

  • Students voluntarily withdrawn after April 30 and before October 31 are obligated to pay tuition through October 31 of that year. Students voluntarily withdrawn after October 31 will be obligated to pay tuition through the current month plus a $500 withdrawal fee.
  • There are no refunds of monies already paid in the case of student withdrawal. Please see current Parent-Student Handbook for withdrawal policy.


Any bank fees or charges incurred in processing tuition payments due to closure or lack of funds in family designated bank accounts will be charged to the family.