A reflection written in May, 2018, a few days before graduation:

One question I was asked recently was, “What will you miss most about CCS?” This is a difficult question for me, because CCS is all I’ve ever known. I’ve been here since kindergarten, learning many concepts during my time here. There are many things I’ll miss about this place, so here goes nothing.

I’m going to miss Concert Choir a lot. I have made so many memories at the different concerts I’ve performed in over the five years I’ve been a member. One of my favorite concerts that the chorus does every year is the Veteran’s Day Concert. For starters, we miss most of a day of school, but that’s not why it’s my favorite–or even a part of the real reason why. The real reason it’s my favorite is because we get to perform and bless these veterans and their loved ones, who have so nobly risked their lives so that we can practice our beliefs, and have the freedom to attend this wonderful school. I also love talking with the veterans and their families. Most of them are older, so it’s such a blessing to them to interact with the younger folks. Concert Choir has also given me the opportunity to grow vocally. When I started choir, I was a second soprano, but now, at the end of it, I’m a first soprano. On a good day, I can go all the way from the F below middle C to a high D.

I’m also going to miss my friends. Due to the small size of the school, I have many friends in the lower grades, which has allowed me to give advice about different matters. I love how there is a vertical unity, where I know quite a few elementary school students and teachers by name, and get to hang out with them sometimes before or after school. It always makes my day when I see my younger friends. They’ll come over to me when they see me and give me big hugs, which is such an encouragement when I’ve had a long day and am feeling stressed, tired, or worn down.

Finally, the thing I’m going to miss most about CCS is the faculty. Over the years, I’ve had many different teachers who influenced me and taught me great lessons not only about academic subjects, but life as well. Another great thing about CCS’s being a small school is that the teachers know your name and care about you and want you to succeed. One of my teachers has been so great about letting me come around after school or another time she’s available to ask questions so I can perform well on an AP exam. I remember one day when I was really upset and crying about something, one of my teachers went into her “mom mode” and was there for me. I remember the rare class days when, instead of learning material, we’d take a break to have a real-life talk about what going on in our lives. Two of my teachers take the first five minutes of class to have prayer requests and pray with us, which has made such an impact on me this year. I’ve become friends with some of the teachers, which has been a blessing. They understand where I am in life and often have great advice for me.

CCS has a lot to offer families, and I am so blessed and beyond grateful to God for allowing me to be educated here. While I’m excited to see what He has in store for me at High Point University, I’m going to miss this place a lot, especially the caring faculty.