Cary Christian School Kindergarten Students - Classical Christian Education

“What does my child need to know to be ready for kindergarten?”

“My child can read, so will he be bored?”

These are a couple of the questions I have been asked repeatedly over the years as a kindergarten teacher. Now, while these are good questions, there are better ones to ask when researching schools to find the right fit for your child.

The three questions I think are important to ask before enrolling your child in a particular school include:

1. How will you impart the Word of God to my child in your classroom? 

  • That is a great question! At Cary Christian School, we do this in many ways. First we pray for each child, and we start our day in corporate prayer. The children are encouraged to pray and speak their hearts before the Lord. There is also a weekly “prayer warrior” who leads us in prayer before snack, at the end of the day, and as the need arises.
  • We discuss the meaning of and memorize a weekly Bible verse.
  • We teach all subjects from a biblical perspective. For example: when teaching the four main directions during our geography unit, we teach the students the need for a compass to help you find your way. We then make the analogy of the Bible providing truth and wisdom for helping navigate the journey of life. In every lesson, we are pointing the children to the throne of God and the Scriptures.

2. How will my child know that he/she is loved and cared for in your classroom? 

  • Wow, another great question. Students feel love in many different ways. Good teachers quietly discern that way and try to connect in that manner. During the day, your child will be nurtured, engaged, encouraged, challenged, hugged, reminded of expectations (because we all need reminders), and given grace when he/she slips up. Your child’s heart will be of our utmost concern. We will take every opportunity to help the children see themselves as heirs of the one true God, and from there each student will find their true worth and know they are loved.

3. What are the best indicators that my child is ready for kindergarten? 

Aside from an interest in and familiarity with letters and numbers, the best indicators are two fold:

  • Can your child focus on an activity for 10-15 minutes coming into kindergarten in August? Can he/she work on a puzzle, color a picture, or build a Lego structure and stay focused even with distractions around him/her?

Being able to focus on the task at hand is important as we build brick upon brick of foundational knowledge.

  • Can your child take direction? Will he/she respond with a good attitude and do what you have asked him/her in a timely manner?

In kindergarten sometimes there are choices and other times there are not. Your child needs to be able to take direction, so learning is efficient and focused.  We cover many concepts over the year in a structured, logical progression, which is infused with the love and grace of the Lord. It will be a wonderful year, and your child will develop a love for learning!

Children come in the classroom with various skill levels and knowledge. No child knows it all or can do it all. The beauty of the classroom is that it teaches the children how they all contribute to the “class family” as they grow up in community. Children are given the opportunity to shine when they excel in a subject area and give God the glory. If they are having difficulty, they learn that God is there to help, often through the hands of their teachers and classmates. It truly is a “garden” in our kindergarten. Come join the growth!